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On Track cover‘ON TRACK’ – Different Youth Work Approaches for Different NEET Situations

Available here

Or on the SALTO-Youth website

Written by Ian Goldring for SALTO-Youth, the publication clarifies the widely misunderstood term ‘NEET’ and explains what youth workers can concretely do, and what they are in fact already doing, to help young people avoid and/or exit a NEET situation.

On Track features:

  • A clarification of the (less than ideal)term ‘NEET’; it’s not actually a thing, but an umbrella term for a range of quite different causes and circumstances.
  • An overview of NEET-related economic and labour market concepts, written to equip a capable but non-specialist readership with an understanding of key concepts needed for an informed discussion of the NEET phenomenon.
  • Some real-world successes in helping or preventing NEET situations – described with real world practitioners in mind. Why they work, how they work and ‘DO’s & DON’T’s’ if you want to make them work for you. The selection of practices illustrates how very different actions are called for and effective, for different young people and situations, despite them all being labelled ‘NEET’.
  • General recommendations aimed at youth workers and other ‘on the ground’ actors intervening in the lives of young people.
  • A foreword by EUROFOUND‘s top NEET expert Massimiliano Mascherini.


– Inclusion Through Employability: Youth Work Approaches to Unemployment, published by SALTO, 2011: here Estonian version here

JobTown Publications:

Local Approaches – Doing it, Making it Work, final JobTown publication, with:

  • reviewing the networks achievements and learning coming out of the three year experience across 11 cities in eight EU countries
  • Policy Recommendations for the European Commission and Parliament
  • Interviews with key JobTown stakeholders

With a foreword by the OECD, available here

– On Developing Effective Local Partnerships for the Advancement of Youth Employment and Opportunity, published by URBACT, 2014: here

– On Making Education and Training More Responsive to the needs of the local Labour Market,published by URBACT, 2014: here

– On Analysis and Forecasting of Skills Demand and Supply, on Real Local Labour Markets – Approaches and Rationale, Effective and Affordable Tools, URBACT, March 2015: here

– On Supporting Entrepreneurship & Self-Employment, URBACT, March 2015: here

– On Social Innovation and Enterprise – Doing More With Less, URBACT, March 2015: here

– Baseline Study for JobTown (network supporting youth employment and opportunity), published by URBACT, 2012:  here

Policy Recommendations for the European Commission and Parliament, presented to Commission officials and MEPs at the March 2015 final conference: here


– Addressing overqualification of skilled immigrants in the European Union: Situations and Approaches from the Local Level, with Forewords by Nadja Hirsch MEP, 

August Gächter, researcher, and Imane El Rhomri, successful migrant and business creator, 2013: here


– OPENCities Final Report (on supporting local economic development through social and cultural openness) 2011: here

– InteGROW Baseline Study (Youth Employment study, covering a selection of European cities) 2010: here


– Demographic Change and Social and Health Services in European Cities, published by Eurocities, 2009: here


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