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February 25, 2019


Brussels — Spring 2019, supporting the European Commission’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) in quality control of assessments of recent Erasmus+ project proposals.


IMG_955807-03-18 Istanbul — Ian Goldring gives keynote speech, based on his publication ‘On Track‘, for the 6-10 March 2018 conferenceOn track – Different youth work approaches for different NEET situations“, organised by SALTO-Youth Inclusion & Diversity and the Turkish National Agency for Erasmus+. Facebook page. Very exciting well attended event, with youth workers, public administration officials and educators from all over Europe and Turkey.


MacedoniaMacedonia — Ian Goldring shares stage with Macedonia’s Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Ms Mila Carova. Ian gave a talk on balancing short and long term approaches to unemployment, and Ms Carova on the new direction of employment policy in Macedonia, followed by panel discussion with the audience. This was part of the contents of a conference on ‘European Values for the Future of South East European Countries‘, in the scenic mountain retreat of Krusevo, Sept 18 2017. The event was principally sponsored by Germany’s Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

NEETs in Sweden – Ian Goldring is keynote speaker for the #EUNEETS conference, organised in Gothenburg June 15th 2017, by the Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society to train municipalities from across Sweden in local approaches to NEET issues – Ian’s talk begins 20 minutes into the video.

PubPolExchaIan Goldring chairs PublicPolicy Exchange’s conferenceStrengthening Youth Employment in the EU: Ensuring Bright Futures for the Young Generation, June 1st, Brussels . The exchange brought together a select grouping of employment experts and policymakers, for a lively exchange with the speakers:

  • Marco Fians, Head of the Youth Unemployment Audit Task, European Court of Auditors, discussing finding from the recent report on the Youth Guarantee
  • Stefanie Ledermaier, Youth Employment Researcher, Eurofound
  • Antonio Ranieri, Head of Department for Learning and Employability, Cedefop
  • Fons Leroy, CEO, VDAB, President of the European Network of Public Employment Services
  • Nicholas Zylberglajt, Co-Founder and Vice President, European Young Innovators Forum
  • Michael Freytag, Public Affairs Manager, World Employment Confederation-Europe
  • Agnes Uhereczky, Executive Director, the WorkLife HUB
  • Karsten Simons, Regional Manager Europe, Corporate Affairs, Cisco Systems


‘ON TRACK’ in Bratislava. Ian Goldring gives keynote talk, based on his new publication, at the recent SALTO organised  conference on youth work and young people in NEET situations. More on the conference here

Video summary of the key points:

On Track cover‘ON TRACK’ – NEETs publications out! Ian Goldring’s new publication for SALTO-Youth clears up the wooly NEETs concept and moves on to what youth workers can concretely do, and what they are in fact already doing, to help young people avoid and/or get out of a NEET situation.

On Track features:

  • A clarification of the (less than ideal) term ‘NEET’; it’s not actually a thing, but an umbrella term for a range of quite different causes and circumstances.
  • An overview of NEET-related economic and labour market concepts, written to equip a capable but non-specialist readership with an understanding of key concepts needed for an informed discussion of the NEET phenomenon.
  • Some real-world successes in helping or preventing NEET situations – described with real world practitioners in mind. Why they work, how they work and ‘DO’s & DON’T’s’ if you want to make them work for you. The selection of practices illustrates how very different actions are called for and effective, for different young people and situations, despite them all being labelled ‘NEET’.
  • General recommendations aimed at youth workers and other ‘on the ground’ actors intervening in the lives of young people.
  • A foreword by EUROFOUND‘s top NEET expert Massimiliano Mascherini.

Get your copy over at the SALTO-Youth website:

Or in this site’s Publications sections (click tab above)

Tallinn Prog11656045_856729157714772_686682832_o Tallinn, Estonia June 17-19, 2015 – National Agencies for the Erasmus+ programme, meet to learn what they are doing, can and should do for NEETs. ProjectWorks, represented by director Ian Goldring, supported the event by supplying some groundwork on NEET data and policy across the EU and key research findings. This participation is part of the preparation for an upcoming publication by Ian for SALTO on Youth Work and NEETs, expected in the autumn.

Full_smallHighlights from the Brussels March 2015 JobTown conference, on Youth Employment – What can the EU and Local Levels Do? – a set of short video outtakes

Participants are MEPs, European Commission representatives, local politicians and stakeholders from the JobTown network.

Video overview of our recent JobTown conference in Brussels. Wonderful work by Siiri Taimla:

JobTown Final Conference, Brussels March 24th  2015 – Local Approaches to supporting Youth Employment and OpportunityWhat can be done from the Local Level? What can the EU do to help?  With the participation of the MEPs: Javier López, Claude Moraes, Terry ReintkeRóża Thun, Damiano Zoffoli, and  the support of Richard Howitt MEP. From the European Commission: Wolfgang Streitenberger Adviser, DG Regional & Urban Policy, Ulrike Storost Team Leader – Youth Employment, DG Employment From the OECD-LEED programme: Ekaterina Travkina Speakers from the JobTown network localities: Councillor Alan Sitkin, Enfield, London, UK – Simon Miklós, Member of the Hungarian National Assembly Panel Debate Moderated by Ian Goldring, ProjectWorks Director and JobTown Lead Expert

See: ProgrammeGraphic Summary, Policy Recommendations for the the European Commission and Parliament


Video presentation of Key JobTown Partner Achievements:

    Director Ian Goldring in Belarus and Azerbaijan June 23-27 2014, as Senior Expert for national Workshops organised by the Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit (Europeaid). He spoke to attendees about European Cross-Sectoral approaches to youth and employment policy, participated in roundtable activities and discussions with Belarus and Azerbaijani youth and employment policy specialists, and provided a set of recommendations to them. Below, a scene from the conference location in Minsk, and Ian’s talk in Ganja, Azerbaijan, sharing contents from the JobTown publication on Effective Approaches to Local Cooperation (Facebook page here) 20140624IMG_1825_small 10487549_719404708118027_6256979799841420584_n-3

Feb. 11th ProjectWorks has organised a conference, for the REALISE project and hosted by the Committee of the Regions, Brussels: “Over-qualification of Immigrants: an acute manifestation of Europe’s larger labour market failings. What to do?” – agenda and attendance info available here

Video now available of the Policy Panel discussion taking place at the Oct. 5th 2012 “Facing Youth Unemployment What can the EU and the local-regional level do together?” seminar. Participants in order of seating: Marko Curavic , Head of Unit , Entrepreneurship, DG ENTER – Felix Rohn, Programme Manager, Vocational training; Leonardo da Vinci, DG EAC – Ian Goldring, director of ProjectWorks, Lead Expert for JobTown and Moderator – Giorgio Guazzugli-Marini, Programme Manager – EU policies – Youth in Action , DG EAC – Robert Strauss Head of Unit , Employment analysis, DG EMPL

See keynote address by Nicola De Michelis, then Deputy Head of Cabinet, Cabinet Commissioner for Regional policies (now head of Unit, DG Regio), at the Sept. 5th 2012 “Facing Youth Unemployment What can the EU and the local-regional level do together?” seminar organized by the Emilia-Romagne EU office and the JobTown Urbact Network

November 22 2012: ProjectWorks director Ian Goldring gave a well received speech, presenting the JobTown network, at the NORTH LONDON STRATEGIC ALLIANCE & ACEVO NORTH LONDON JOBS SUMMIT, sharing the floor with David Miliband MP and David Lammy MP  More information here

News: JobTown Urbact website is now up at, see under ‘Networks and Cities’


Latest News

January 10, 2012
  • News: JobTown: A European Network of Local Partnerships for the Advancement of Youth Employment and Opportunity ” is approved for creation as an Urbact II Thematic Network. Ian Goldring is Lead Expert and ProjectWorks will be providing support and expertise throughout the lifecycle of the project.The City of Cesena(Italy) is Lead Partner; other partners are Rennes (France), Thurrock and Enfield (UK), Gondomar and Aveiro (Portugal), Nagykallo (Hungary), University of Kaiserslautern (Germany), Latsia (Cyprus) – with more to be confirmed. Project description:

“JOBTOWN seeks to address structural youth unemployment and poor employment, and local development strategies, as two sides of the same coin, by establishing Local Partnerships driven by city administrations, of local stakeholders, to advance youth employment and opportunities; this is an approach to the development and maintaining of a competitive and sustainable local economy and social model.”

The Kick Off meeting will be held in Cesena June 7th 2012 and more information about the project and a link to its own website will be made available soon.

  • News: “Young Germans” a documentary & research project implemented by Simon Schnetzer, a young German economist, whose purpose is to understand social change from the perspective of young people in Germany, to communicate findings and to inspire political and/or institutional change, is now available here
  • News: Report on the Bridges to Work Conference in Antwerp, Oct. 2011, now available, with conclusions, action plans, key-note inputs – including a discussion of Ian Goldring’s contribution, now available here
  • News: Ian Goldring‘s presentation on the ‘Results of the SALTO Inclusion Research on Success Factors of Youth Employment Projects‘ at the Oct. 17-20 Bridges to Work conference in Antwerp – European Youth Capital for 2011, now available here
  • News: ProjectWorks is  providing thematic expertise to the European Integration Fund financed REALISE project, addressing the overqualification of third country nationals in the EU; ProjectWorks director Ian Goldring will be carrying out the role of Thematic Coordinator, see: REALISE
  • News: OPENCities Final Report first presented at the May 25th final conference held in the Committee of the Regions/European Economic and Social Committee, by Lead Expert Ian Goldring, now available Download here
  • News: Inclusion Through Employability: Youth Work Approaches to Employment‘  a report by ProjectWorks for the SALTO-YOUTH Inclusion Centre,  has now been published. See: Download here
  • News: ProjectWorks is now a member of the European Metropolitan network Institute (EMI)
  • News: Case study of city responses to the economic crisis- “Jyväskylä: successfully rebuilding an economic model, with severe economic crisis as the starting point”, July 2010, by Yamina Guidoum. Now available here: Jyvaskala URBACT case study
  • News: Case study of city responses to the economic crisis- “Rotterdam: A preventive approach to youth unemployment” August 2010, by Yamina Guidoum. Now available here: Rotterdam
  • News: “Cities and the economic crisis: a survey on the impact of the economic crisis and the responses of URBACT cities”, May 2010, by Yamina Guidoum and Paul Soto. Download here: Survey Cities and Crisis
  • News: Baseline study by Ian Goldring for the Urbact project InteGROW, concerning youth employability and social inclusion, within the context of 10 cities dealing with the economic crisis, is now available online here
  • News: EUROCITIES Study on Demographic Change and Social and Health Services in European Cities, by Ian Goldring, now, Download here: Demographic trends social health
  • News: Handbook for Cities and Managing Authorities of the European Structural Funds, engaging in the URBACT II projects, by Yamina Guidoum, now available in 5 languages here Download English version here: mile_handbook_eng


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