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May 2015

Full_small A set of short videos, made up of highlights from the Brussels March 2015 JobTown conference, on Youth Employment – What can the EU and Local Levels  Do?

Participants are MEPs, European Commission representatives, local politicians and stakeholders from the JobTown network.

April 2015

Andrea-Stark-031Culture and Jobs, Lots of JobsJobTown interview with Culture and Jobs, Lots of Jobs. 

At High House Production Park, in Thurrock, UK young people are being trained to make sets, costumes, handle lighting and all sorts of technical skills for the creative and cultural sector. The work they do goes to support anything from productions at the Royal Opera House to a band’s world tour.

What’s more, there is high demand for the skills these young people are acquiring and, happily, the programme she leads is a success on many levels. She believes on-the-job real world learning and close cooperation with employers is the key to that success.

ProgJobTown Videos:  Final Conference

A (very pretty) Graphic Overview of the March 24th 2015, Brussels conference contents and participants – organised by ProjectWorks staff and Moderated by       Ian Goldring, PW director and Lead Expert for JobTown. With special thanks to Graphic Facilitator Siiri Taimla! Coming soon: an edited video if the conference highlights.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 14.37.25JobTown Achievements

Summary of the Top Achievements of the localities participating in JobTown – a network concerned with successful local approaches to supporting Youth Employment and Opportunity. Followed by a selection of more extended videos about each individual partner locality.

KTWscreenOrganisational Learning

JobTown is innovative in terms of embedding organisational learning into the project design – in Something dubbed Knowledge Transfer Workshops, conducted in each locality after every of large Transnational Workshop, transferring those learning and capacity building contents to their organisations and communities as a whole.

SpiderMay 2014  Presentation on Using Web Crawlers as a Tool for Labour Market Analysis

A free computer programme that pulls data from the Internet – e.g. job-related sites. It’s cheap to use provides real-time data, is easily and endlessly customisable, and is the direction labour market analysis is going in.

It’s particularly of interest for administrations or organisations with budget restraints, and looking for an independent access to current data, optimised according to their own specific needs.

OxfordMay 2014  Oxford Economics Skills Forecasting Tool

  The tool is discussed in the 3rd JobTown publication, on Labour Market Analysis and Forecasting. A blank template with User Guide and an example of the tool in use are available on this page.

FEAsJanuary 2014  Functional Economic Areas (FEAs) – Video Case Study Series

A look at an example of an FEA from the UK, the London Stansted Cambridge Corridor. A FEA defines territory, not through classic administrative constructs such as a municipality, county, province, etc., but rather in term of flows and patterns of real use: transport, working, living studying patterns, commerce and residential distribution, etc. Space as used by people – two sides of a street might be in two different boroughs, a fact which shoppers and other passers are happy to ignore – often doesn’t coincide with official administrative boundaries. An FEA is an approach to territorial management and regeneration built on the de facto functional patterns of territory.


January 2014  Interview: Michael Lill – JobTown LSG Coordinator, Kaiserslautern

Youth Employment, Regeneration, Immigration, Change Management and How to Run a Successful Stakeholder Working Group



CEPS_WinterDecember 2013  What I learnt at Winter School about Skills and Jobs in Europe



October 2013  Interview with Mayor of Avilés, Partner in JobTown Project



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