ProjectWorks is a Brussels-based association dedicated to building the capacity of people and organisations, from the public, private and third sectors, to participate in and benefit more effectively from a European level of activity, policy, funding and networking. Staff currently consists of a permanent director and a stable of regular collaborators who contribute on an ad hoc basis (e.g. for drawing up budgets, event organisation etc.).

We promote and facilitate actions, interventions and projects in the areas of:

► Socio-Economic, Urban and Community Regeneration and Policy Development
Organisational Development
Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building (training, education, best practice, peer to peer learning, evaluation)


  • Provide technical support in project proposals, management and applications
  • Assist in developing action plans
  • Conduct research and studies; facilitate participation in European peer networks
  • Provide training and orientation on European programmes, institutions and affairs.
  • Organise seminars and other specialised policy-centred events, moderate panel discussions and identify speakers and contributors.
  • Support fundraising efforts through the development and design of EU funding applications and through adapting and supplementing administrative capacities as required by the technical criteria of EU grant programmes.

ProjectWorks is a member of:


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